Friday, 4 September 2015

Weird Dreams Anonymous

Hello everyone!

When dreams are getting dished out, someone definitely makes sure I get the strangest ones going. Catherine and I recently bonded over the fact our dreams are pretty odd. We thought we'd collaborate and so 'Weird Dreams Anonymous' was born!

A few of the weird dreams I've had lately!

Here's a little write up of some of the dreams I've been having lately:

1) I went to a hardware store with my dad because he wanted to get some huge wooden logs. I have absolutely no idea what he actually wanted them for but anyway; a sales assistant took us upstairs in a big round elevator than spun as it went up. When it stopped, she asked if I wanted to go in it again as if it was a rollercoaster or something. I was a bit confused but I said yes because she looked like that's what she really wanted to do. On hearing my reply, she then looked at me like I was some kind of freak for saying yes! Logic? When we finally got upstairs, there was a gym where the floor was bouncy. There were loads of people just casually bouncing around up there, including a few popular Youtubers like Zoe Sugg, Caspar Lee and Marcus Butler. The dream ended there!

2) I was at a house party when all of a sudden out of nowhere, I was part of this full on 'whodunnit' murder mystery scenario type of thing. The details were sketchy - all we knew was that there was a man at the party who had committed some kind of crime but he had managed to run away. I was part of a group trying to track him down. This lead to me travelling to Berlin with my family and when I got into my hotel room, there were loads of goodie bags on the floor filled with tin foil. For some reason, I was incredibly excited to share the contents of it on my Snapchat story!

A few of the weird dreams I've had lately!

3) I was in a bubble that made me invisible and I was somehow attached to this man who I couldn't get free from. I had no choice but to follow him around and watch him use my debit card as he bought things with my money all over town. That really wasn't the nicest of dreams come to think of it!

4) This is a collective point for all of the recurring dreams I've been having about reciting poems lately. I used to do Speech and Drama for years and part of that was learning poems to recite in front of an audience. Truth be told, I was awful at learning them but in these dreams it was like I was, for some reason, making the decision to really put the effort in and give it my best shot. Who knows what that could mean!

5) Have you ever had a dream where you were at your own funeral? Well I did this week! That wasn't even the strangest part about it; everyone there apart from my sister was dressed as a carrot. Apparently dreaming about funerals is meant to symbolise moving forward in your life but as for the carrots, I have no idea!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! It's a little bit different but I absolutely love dreams - the more weird the better in my opinion. Get involved in the comments below and let me know what you've had weird dreams about recently!

What's the strangest dream you ever had?

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Back to School Stationery Haul!

Hello everyone!

It's September and that means back to school time! Naturally, I've been gathering a few stationery bits and bobs in preparation so I thought I'd share them with you today. It's one of my favourite things about going back!

Back to school/sixth form stationery haul ft. items from Tesco & The Works! Cat shaped pencil case
I'm going into my final year of school (again; I'm repeating it - silly illness made me drop out in January last year) to complete my A Levels! My subjects are Media Studies, Art & French so what I need to bring with me is quite different to someone who's doing say Maths or Science. That said, one common theme for students is not having the biggest budget to blow so everything included here is very inexpensive. I had also hoped to show you my new school bag in this post but it's still on it's way in the post!

Here's what I got . . .

Back to school stationery haul ft. pink expanding file
Expanding File // TESCO

These are my favourite things to carry around notes in - they keep pages protected and organised, plus I don't find them to be as weighty as ring binder/lever arch files. That is absolutely vital for me & my chronic fatigue/pain! They had other colours but of course I chose pink!

Back to school stationery haul ft. Pukka Pad file paper
Pukka Pad File Blocks // TESCO

LOOK AT THEM. I didn't actually choose these myself, my parents surprised me with them and when they did I flipped out with excitement. Look how cool they are! They're fantastically bright - so bright my camera freaked out a bit - and the paper quality is great. I also like the way they have 250 commonly misspelt words on the inside cover, it's just a nice wee detail. I'm stocked up on file paper for a while now!

Back to school stationery haul ft. Pukka Pad file paper
Back to school stationery haul ft. floral/polka dot weekly organiser
Weekly Organiser // THE WORKS

I included this little beauty in my August Favourites and I've been showing it to everyone who'll look - how adorable is it though? It's made up of various sticky notes so I'll be able to make to do lists, reminders and plan out my whole week with it. It also comes in different patterns but this is the one I liked best. It was only £3!

Back to school stationery haul ft. pastel weekly organiser

Back to school stationery haul ft. record/flash cards
Record Cards // TESCO

These are absolutely brilliant for revision, I just know they're gonna help me out so much with learning French topics. It's also an extra bonus to me that they come in 4 different pastel colours - I love me some pastels!

Back to school stationery haul ft. Sharpie highlighters & Bic 4 colour pens
Sharpie Highlighters & Bic 4 Colours Pens // TESCO

I've used and loved the slim Sharpie highighters in past years but I'm guessing these should last longer, right? It does kinda irritate me there isn't a blue one but I'm sure I'll get around that! I don't know about you but I couldn't be without a set of highlighters!

And of course, the good old trusty Bic pens that everyone loves! These are pretty self explanatory and very convenient! 

Back to school stationery haul ft. ball point pens & white blank customisable notebook
12 Pens & Blank A4 Notebook // THE WORKS

Again, the pens kinda speak for themselves! I picked them up when I saw them at the till because I couldn't resist that price. It's always good to have plenty of back ups, especially when you do essay subjects!

Doing Art means we have to keep a notebook filled with various notes, drawings, clippings and all sorts so a completely blank, customisable one is ideal for me! I saw this on the shelf and it just inspired me to get creative. Also, what an absolute bargain?!

Back to school stationery haul ft. watermelon rubber topped pencil

Watermelon Pencil // TESCO

My mum bought a few packs of these fruit rubber-topped pencils but as soon as I spied them, I wanted one of the watermelon ones for myself! The others in the packet are oranges and strawberries. It's just ridiculously cute and will take pride of place in my pencil case. Speaking of which . . .

Back to school stationery haul ft. cat shaped pencil case

Cat Pencil Case // TESCO

CAN WE JUST TAKE A MINUTE TO APPRECIATE. I reacted like an overexcited fangirl on her birthday when I spotted this in Tesco. It's a cat. With glasses. I wear glasses. I LOVE CATS. This is the star of the whole show. *standing ovation*

Well I hope you enjoyed this haul! Get involved in the comments below and let me know what subjects you're taking at school/uni - or if you're a parent or just an unashamed stationery addict! I'd love to know!

Are you excited for going back to school?

Thanks for reading,

Monday, 31 August 2015

August Favourites!

Hello everyone!

It's time to share all of the things I've been loving most in August! It's mainly beauty things I've got to show you this month, with a few fashion & stationery bits too. 

Here are my August Favourites!

August Favourites including beauty, fashion & stationery items!


Maybelline Color Tattoos

If you've been following me on any social media recently, it should come as no surprise that these are in my favourites because I feel like I've been raving about them everywhere! I picked up On and On Bronze in Boots at the end of last month and it was love at first use. I'd never used a cream eyeshadow previously but now I'm obsessed! I then knew I had to try Pink Gold and yup, it's pure shimmery goodness. And don't worry, I intend to give these little pots a whole post of their own with swatches and the like very soon!

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff

The fact that this exfoliator is pink is almost enough on it's own to grant it a place in my favourites but luckily the product itself is pretty impressive and I can recommend it based on quality too! The particles are very fine so it's by no means harsh at all. It isn't as heavy duty as my usual Soap & Glory ones are but it still gets to work on buffing my skin smooth. The scent is also lovely and fresh (I'm getting watermelon?), plus it's nice and affordable!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Say hello to what's revolutionised my foundation application! I put off buying this for the longest time and now I really wish I'd gotten it sooner. I thought brushes were the best way for me but honestly, I haven't used one since bringing this sponge into my life. It gives a very natural look with ease while still allowing you to build up coverage like a pro. I think a full review is on the cards!

August Favourites including beauty items from Cocoa Brown & Juicy Couture!
I Am Juicy Couture perfume

I was a complete Juicy Couture perfume newbie before this sample came as a wee bonus in my Feel Unique order so I wasn't sure what to expect. One of the top notes is raspeberry which I definitely get, as well as the gardenia and musks which give it a little extra something else just to curb it from being too sweet. I would definitely consider buying the full size!

Feel Unique

Speaking of them, I really do feel like I need to give this online shop a mention! In case you missed it, you can see my Feel Unique haul which happened to be my first order from them and I couldn't have been more thrilled with the service. I have a feeling they might become my new go to place to order from as every step of the ordering process was just fantastic. I am one very happy customer!

August Favourites including fashion pieces from Warehouse & lessthan10pounds!

Lessthan10pounds outfit

I was sent two items of clothing from Lessthan10pounds and it's safe to say I loved both! You can see the floral shirt and dungarees styled in this outfit post but I've also been enjoying wearing the pieces separately. Y'know when certain clothes just kinda make you happy when you wear them? These!

Warehouse dress

Another item that made me overjoyed when I put it on was the incredible Warehouse floral dress I thrifted this month! You can see the pattern of it in my last post and it's just the brightest, loveliest midi Summer dress. It's completely different to what I'd usually wear but I adore it and need to find more dresses like it!

August Favourites including the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows!


Weekly Organiser

And lastly, I just want to quickly give a special mention to the Weekly Organiser I bought from The Works a few weeks back. I haven't actually used it yet as I've been saving it for September (back to school this week!) but just looking at it's cuteness has been a favourite for sure. I just know this is gonna up my organisation game to another level - and it has for some of you too! I shared it on my Snapchat & Instagram and a few lovely people sent me messages saying they'd got it too and love it! £3 from The Works people, you heard it here first.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Get involved in the comments below and let me know what you've been loving this month - anything similar?

What are your August Favourites?

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Weekly Reflect // #51

Hello everyone!

Looking back on it, what a fantastic week! After the sad news of Mia's passing last week, I definitely feel like she was looking down on me and helping me out. I'm still learning how to cope and I'm so grateful for the amazing support on here & on my social media that has helped me so much. Here's what I got up to!

Weekly Reflect #51 // Sunglasses & floral dress!

This week . . .

. . . started out with a lovely afternoon out in Hillsborough with my family! We had lunch in The Plough Inn which was incredible - I would 100% recommend it if you're local or visiting as my meal was absolutely delicious. Their salmon and quinoa was out of this world!

Instead of ordering a dessert, we chose to find a little corner shop that sold icecreams and my sister & I went for the raspberry sorbet. Again, it was on another level and the fact the weather was truly glorious made it all the better!

Weekly Reflect #51 // Salmon and quinoa at The Plough Inn, Hillsborough!
Tuesday was a chill day as I remember because I had to get some rest for going back to school the next day! It was just a little induction for getting our new timetables and for me, it was the day I met my new year group & tutor group seeing as I'm repeating my Upper 6th year. I can't lie, I was quite the bag of nerves going in but those were soon settled when I was greeted with the warmest welcome which honestly turned my day around completely! To put the cherry on the cake, I got chatting with a girl who recovered from the same illness I have & my form teacher also suffered from it for 8 years! Coincidence? I'm certainly amongst kind & understanding company which really sets my mind at ease.

We only had to be in school for an hour and a half in the morning so afterwards, my dad took my brother and I to Subway for a yummy lunch. I can thoroughly recommend the turkey & ham sub with sweet onion sauce! I will tell you a bit of a funny story; when I was getting ready that morning, I put on the school skirt I had mistakenly assumed would still fit me from the year before. Nope. It was touch and go whether I was gonna get the zip up but thankfully I did with much struggle! It was pretty tight but I managed the morning and the lunch before we popped into the uniform shop to get a new one. Mini crisis averted!

Weekly Reflect #51 // Mint choc chip icecream & raspberry sorbet!

That night my sister flew home to her uni accommodation and truthfully, I really miss her! Very truthfully - as I'm sure anyone with siblings will be able to relate - they do get on your nerves and it can be nice to have a break from them but I really do miss having her around the house again!

I feel so lucky that my health has been good this past week. I've been very sore but mercifully, my fatigue hasn't been hitting me as hard as it usually would. I really do think that all the happiness and smiles people have brought into my life this week have made all the difference!

I don't wanna alarm anyone but I do believe I had an epiphany this week. After years of not knowing what job I want to pursue, countless sighs & put downs from my careers teachers and many existential crises I think I've finally figured out what I want to do with my life. I'm gonna be very cheeky and not give it away here because I do think I'm gonna write a whole blog post on this - it's a pretty big deal and I know lots of people are in the same situation as I was/am!

Weekly Reflect #51 // White chocolate and raspberry scone & tea!

Saturday morning was yet another lovely part of the week - I did the weekly shop with my mum, auntie & granny! Spending that time with my family really meant so much, we had such a good wee catch up! My mum and I also took advantage of the fact Tesco have incredible stationery and picked up a few bits for back to school. We were in our element in there! Keep your eyes peeled for a back to school haul coming very soon!

P.S. The adorable floral/polka dot Weekly Organiser is from The Works and it's only £3. A handful of people have actually sent me messages saying I've enabled them to get it and I'm not even sorry one bit, it's the prettiest piece of stationery ever!

Weekly Reflect #51 // Floral/polka dot weekly organiser!

I also filmed my August Favourites yesterday hence the filming selfie!

Weekly Reflect #51 // August Favourites filming selfie!

So that's what I got up to this week! Get involved in the comments below and let me know what made you smile this week - let's have the ultimate catch up!

How was your week?

Thanks for reading,

Friday, 28 August 2015

♫ August Playlist ♫

Hello everyone!

I've got my August Playlist for you today! That is, all of the songs I've been loving listening to this month. I'll just let you know first off that it's a bit of a unique mix!

My August Playlist including songs from One Direction, FKA twigs, Foxes, Salt-N-Pepa & Maven Fiction!

Maven Fiction

Maven Fiction are an up and coming English indie pop band who I came across through the power of social media! I heard this version of their song Can I Keep You and loved it immediately. I can tell they have a really promising future ahead of them so definitely get involved with them now so you can say you loved them before they hit the big time! I recommend following them on Twitter and sure why not give them a wee like on Facebook!


Next up is Foxes! I loved all of the singles she released from her debut album, Glorious but have to say I wasn't really enthused by the other tracks on it. Don't get me wrong, they're good but they just didn't make an impression on me if you know what I mean! Fast forward to the present day and I'm eagerly awaiting her next album because the first single Body Talk has me so excited! I love both the sound and feel of it - it's got all the strength of a good pop song but also has that little extra something that sets it apart from everything else in the charts.

One Direction

Now this is a first, a One Direction song in my monthly playlist! It's not that I have against the band - I actually loved them when they were on The X Factor but after that I just lost interest. I kinda started to regain that interest when they brought out Steal My Girl and now I properly love Drag Me Down, it's such a tune! What a shame they decided to take a break just as I start to like them again! Definitely give it a listen and see what you think even if you put yourself in the 'not a fan' category.


I've included two absolute classics by Salt n Pepa, aka hip hop royalty! Shoop and None Of Your Business are two of my favourite songs of theirs and I don't know why but I just haven't been able to get them out of my head recently! Their rhymes are superior and sassy as heck. This is my kind of feelgood music!

FKA twigs

And finally, the ethereal beauty that is FKA twigs! I've loved pretty much everything I've heard from her so far but I still need a bit of time for her new release M3LL155X to grow on me. Figure 8 is the one that stood out to me first from it - there really is no one else like her musically but I kinda hear Kate Bush vibes from her at times!

So there you have it, those have been the songs I've loved this month! Get involved in the comments below and let me know what you think!

What have you been listening to recently?

Thanks for reading,
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