Tuesday, 28 April 2015

You know you're a Crazy Cat Lady when . . .

Hello everyone!

Some people like cats. Some people hate them! Then there's a whole other cross section of the human population who fall into the Crazy Cat Lady category . . . I guess you could say I'm one of them!

you know you're a crazy cat lady when characteristics stereotype

You know you're a Crazy Cat Lady when . . .

. . . you have numerous cat themed items all over your house but still struggle to resist picking up more when you see something in the shops.

. . . your eyes light up when you see a cat on TV.

. . . similarly, anytime you spot a stray one wander into your garden, your CCL instincts kick in and within seconds you're outside rattling the cat food box.

. . . your cat makes regular appearances on your Instagram.

. . . a good chunk of your Facebook notifications are people tagging you in every cat video that seems to exist.

. . . you've already named the cats you hope to own someday.

. . . you dream of owning a cat sanctuary in the future. One day!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'd love for you to get involved in the comments below and tell me to what extent do you consider yourself a CCL!

Are you a crazy cat lady?

Thanks for reading,

Monday, 27 April 2015

♫ April Playlist ♫

Hello everyone!

It's time to share my April Playlist! I discovered quite a bit of new music this month but also went back to some old favourites. 

Press play & enjoy!

playlist music recommendations nicki minaj madeon model aeroplanes club low omi cheerleader 90s 00s

Model Aeroplanes
I tweeted asking for some music recommendations and good ol' Georgia did good with this one! Club Low is such a tune - I instantly loved it and added it to the playlist. It's got that happy 'I could dance to this in my bedroom' feelgood vibe so if that sounds like your kind of thing, stick it on!

I wouldn't say electronic is my favourite kind of music but when Liam hit me up with Madeon's album Adventure, I couldn't say no. Madeon is a 20 year old French producer & DJ who you'll be sure to hear about sooner or later. You may already know him without knowing him in fact - he worked on some of my favourite songs from Lady Gaga's ARTPOP album!

Nicki Minaj
Well I couldn't not listen to her this month, could I? I went to see her live on the Belfast date her Pinkprint tour and she was incredible. It's strange how once you've heard the songs live, they completely change, almost open up when you listen to them afterwards! It was The Most Incredible Experience Of My Life.

I'm sure if you turned the radio on at some point in April you'll have heard Cheerleader - it's a great, catchy Summer song. I also haven't been able to stop listening to my 90s/00s Throwback Playlist!

So those are the tunes I've been playing this month! Get involved in the comments below and let me know what your favourite songs from April were!

What have you been listening to this month?

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Weekly Reflect // #33

Hello everyone!

Well another week has rolled by and it's time to reflect on it! It's been quite a quiet one which was very needed as the past few weeks have been exhausting!

This week:

  • . . . I had to get some more blood tests which are never pleasant but I suppose it's just one of those things! The CFS/ME specialist I saw (post here) asked for them to be done so hopefully when the results come back, we'll be able to make some progress with my health.

    • . . . I got my hair cut! It's now a very short chin length bob which is very different to the long hair I had before. I was just getting bored of the same thing so I decided to chop it off and try something different. So far I'm loving it!

    • . . . I tried eating more healthily! Usually I eat quite well but I have to admit, at one point in the week I was straight up comfort eating for the sake of it and I felt rubbish for it. I caught myself on and am trying to turn things around but you know how it is when there are biscuits in the kitchen!

      So that's what I got up to this week! 

      How was your week?

      Thanks for reading,

      Friday, 24 April 2015

      Nail Art // Pinspiration!

      Hello everyone!

      I do love a bit of nail art and one of the places I get a lot of inspiration from is Pinterest. Today I thought I'd share my board and some of my favourite designs!

      nail art design pattern pinspiration how to tutorial inspiration cat floral aztec nails
      all images can be sourced from the Pinterest board

      A lot of people disregard nail art thinking it's too complicated. Yes, it takes more time and effort than your usual manicure but boy is it worth it when you figure out how to paint cats on your nails - or anything else you can imagine! Start off simple; an accent nail can look really sophisticated while not taking up too much of your time. If you invest in some good nail art pens they'll make the job ten times easier. Don't forget to just have fun with it!

      Follow Thrift O'Clock's board Nail Art on Pinterest.

      My nail art blog posts:

      Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial // Rio Nail Art Pens Review // 3 Ways To Wear Green Nail Polish // Christmas Nail Art

      I hope you enjoyed this post and perhaps got a little inspiration for the next time you paint your nails! Get involved in the comments below and let me know which tutorials you'd like me to do next!

      What's your favourite nail art design?

      Thanks for reading,

      Thursday, 23 April 2015

      Wear What You Want

      Hello everyone!

      Something I've been thinking a lot about lately is personal style, in particular the mindset that there are certain things certain people can wear and certain things certain people can't. 

      Have you ever thought to yourself, "Oh I'd love to wear that but..." and then given an excuse for why you can't? I say wear what you want! Let's discuss.

      wear what you want fashion inspiration freedom positivity #droptheplus trends comfort zone

      Let's get the 'size' topic out of the way first, shall we?

      This one makes me sigh a lot. I think I'll just say it right out, it's the title of this post; wear what you want! The media is obsessed with size and it tends to filter down into our own thoughts. No matter what size you are, you've probably had thoughts along the lines of, "I'm too ___ / not ___ enough to wear this." There might be some things you want to wear but feel you can't for any number of reasons but let me tell ya, chucking those inhibitions out of the window can be so liberating!

      Trends, trends, trends

      Another bone I have to pick is with trends. Now don't get me wrong, if ripped jeans are in and you wanna wear them go for it! My concern is the feeling of restriction, that you can only wear certain things at certain times of the year. Oh, and maybe it's just the secret rebel inside me but any sentence that begins with, "You should..." instantly infuriates me. "You should only..." is even worse! If you want to wear bright pink dungarees, do it. If you feel like wearing dark lipstick in the height of Summer, rock it.

      "Would it suit me though?"

      This is something I've heard friends & family say countless times and to be fair, I've often thought it myself. I'd say I have a fluctuating style (i.e. I don't have one in particular). Sometimes I wish I did have one distinguishable way of dressing but at the end of the day, why limit yourself? You get a new day laid out in front of yourself everyday and each presents a new opportunity to dress and be however you want.

      Outside of the comfort zone

      Okay, so we all have a comfort zone. It's like a little bubble that you can keep yourself safe inside. You're bound to have heard the phrase 'try going outside of your comfort zone', and that can be a scary concept. No one wants to be uncomfortable in what they're wearing so I say instead of stepping outside of your safety bubble, bring new things into it instead. Try out something different - that's what changing rooms & free returns are for! 

      Well, those are my views on the topic. I'm totally down with the idea of pink dungarees by the way. I'd love to open this up as a discussion so get involved in the comments section below and have your say!

       What do you think?

      Thanks for reading,
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